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Excellens Consulting LLC

Excellens Consulting LLC offers a wide range of Cyber Security and Comprehensive Information Security consulting services with the necessary tools and expertise to help you protect your most valuable asset—your data.  Excellens takes an enterprise perspective to information assurance and balances business goals with maximum data protection.


With the roots of our experience dating back to the inception of the field, Excellens has taken our decades of combined experience in the field and developed robust processes to prepare our clients to meet their information security challenges and goals head-on further into the millennium. Our venerable and expert guidance will help you ensure that you are meeting your governance/compliance, regulatory, and business objectives. We take a holistic perspective to not only your information security goals, but also primary business drivers and strategic long-term business objectives and ensure that the two support each other rather than hindering each other.


Please reach out to us today to set up a free consultation so we can identify how we can serve you in meeting your goals.

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Excellens Consulting LLC, was born out of a need of many small- and medium-sized businesses that, while they have a strong need for executive leadership of their information security programs, have neither the funds nor a justifiable need for a  full-time Chief Information Security Officer. In today's threat landscape in which almost everyone it seems has "free" credit monitoring thanks to one breach or another, security is everyone's business. Security is not just relegated to the desk of one lonely IT professional who fell into becoming the "security guy," but rather a necessary department that enables business while protecting a business' number one asset: information.  


Information security is our family business. Our founder, Ryan Meglathery, has spent his entire career (and nearly half of his life) which spans nearly two decades in the field of information security. But before then he grew up with the field. Ryan grew up in the household of two of the field's pioneers, which includes Sally Meglathery. Being raised in an environment in which protection of data, hacking trends, latest security technology, and the executive leadership of organizations that have since become stalwarts in the field, were nightly dinner-time conversations, gave Ryan a unique perspective on how to inherently "think security."


Ryan started his career as an penetration tester (aka ethical hacker) in the last millennium—in the dawn of the profession. In the beginning of the field of penetration testing, there were few commercial tools, and those available only tested infrastructure. There were no commercial application security testing tools save for those we developed on our own. We were as close to the code as we could get and for intel we would have to infiltrate hacking gatherings, literally in disguise to fit in. The field has changed a lot since those unorthodox days, but Ryan has remained part of the ever growing community of security professionals and has watched and participated in the maturing of the industry. He has since advanced through the ranks from a greenhorn security novice to an accomplished security executive.


Ryan earned the designation of Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP) in 2002 at the young age of 26 years old and remains one of the youngest people to earn that designation. Moreover, Ryan and Sally are the first mother-son CISSPs ever.


We have been fortunate enough to have Sally join the Excellens team as the Executive Director of Professional Services and Delivery. Sally's background in the field spans four decades and includes leadership positions in numerous well-known companies, as well as executive leadership in the most prestigious information security and data protection organizations. In her role as the fifth international president of Information Systems Security Association (ISSA) Sally co-founded the International Information Systems Security Certification Consortium (ISC)2, the non-profit organization that created and administer the premier information security certification the CISSP.


Together, Ryan, Sally and the rest of the Excellens team, leverage our considerable experience and expertise to find innovative and creative solutions to our customers' real-world security challenges. We understand enterprise challenges and believe that security should always be a business enabler, should never be a hindrance to business success, but needs to ensure the protection of both consumer and business information.

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