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River City Networkers

River City Networkers is a networking group for professionals in the Central Virginia Region. We connect technical service providers with each other and with other businesses and professionals. Through meet-ups that combine a social and casual atmosphere with mini-lectures from technologists in the top of their fields, we facilitate the connections between service providers and service consumers. While our focus is technology, our mission to provide an atmosphere that fosters connections between professionals irrespective of technical background. 


We are just starting out and are currently still designing our methodology and the structure of our meet-ups. If you are interesting in participating in the management and leadership we would love to hear from you! All leadership participants can use our platforms to promote their businesses (i.e. co-brand).  Moreover, while we have a few sponsors already we are always open to new sponsorship opportunities. We also are looking to the community for comments and suggestions on what you would like to see us provide with respects to venues, speakers, etc. Finally, if you are interested in keeping abreast of latest developments please use the contact form below.

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