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Security Strategy Consulting

Outsmarting the Hackers

To have an effective information security program, it must be built from a solid strategy. The best programs are bespoke programs that take your needs and marries it to a strategy that ensures you meet your business objectives while ensuring the integrity of your data. A security program is pointless without the business processes it supports. A robust security strategy needs to take into consideration the business needs and drivers as a primary strategic focus. 


Our Value Proposition:

We at Excellens Consulting have decades of experience protecting data and systems in myriad industry verticals. We come from a strong heritage of information security but also from business experience. The principals at Excellens have experience in senior and executive leadership positions in companies specializing in financial services, information security services, public utilities, local government, hospitality, and healthcare. Our founder, Ryan D. Meglathery, holds both a CISSP designation that he has held for 15 years, and a masters of business administration from the University of Virginia's Darden Graduate School of Business. We understand information and cyber security intimately, but are equally adept at business and the necessary interactions between the two.

All of our consultants have at least a decade of experience in the information security and privacy space. We have all worked as consultants to companies in diverse industries and understand the complex interactions between business objectives and data privacy and protection. We focus not just on your information protection strategies but also your business priorities. We use proven methods and practices to design a program, or retrofit an existing but insufficient program, to ensure maximum confidentiality and integrity but preserving availability and ease of use. A strong demonstrable information security program can act as a compelling value proposition and we can get you there.

Security Program Development:

We have experience building programs and architectures that use reasonable road-maps and prioritization for the building of robust programs. We help our clients with the definition, development, and implementation of effective information security programs. With the rise in data breaches in the last few years it has become evident that a strong strategy is no longer an option but a requirement. We help our clients build a program that is compliant to any regulatory or governance programs with which they are responsible for complying, but also consistent with the NIST or ISO frameworks.

Each security program we build is a unique customer-driven endeavor that is tailored to meet your specific requirements. We do not try to change your business to meet security requirements, but rather design a security strategy to meet your business' requirements.

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