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Tactical Security

The Best Defense is a Good Offense

In today's threat landscape, any system that is exposed to the public must always be considered a target. Every day the Internet is scoured by automated bots searching for potential entry points into systems and networks. It is analogous to a criminal walking up and down the block in any given neighborhood and checking each doorknob to see if any are unlocked. If yours is, your safety and security are at risk. And that is just the automated scanning. There are more advanced techniques that enable nefarious individuals and organized criminals to profile networks and systems searching for any potential foothold into the environment. By "offense" we do not mean going after your enemies but rather turn offense against yourself. No, we are not promoting "hacking back" or otherwise trying to hack your enemies, rather, in this context we mean that offense turned inward Offense turned inward is a great way to ensure you find the mis-configurations and security vulnerabilities before anyone else does. It is, therefore, critical that systems are routinely examined for potential vulnerabilities by the good guys before they are found by the bad guys. Excellens has your back. 


Our Value Proposition:

We are your "good guys." Our team of qualified technical security professionals have decades of experience in testing systems for vulnerabilities, evaluating the root causes of those vulnerabilities, and providing detailed guidance on the remediation of vulnerabilities. We have a detailed methodology that has been honed by years of experience and exposure to some of the best minds in the field. Depending upon the environment(s) we are testing and the purpose of the tests there are several different forms of vulnerability assessments. We have custom build tools and use the best open source and commercial tools to thoroughly examine your systems. 

Our Tactical Services:

Excellens also has decades of experience in testing the technical security controls in place in companies. We have honed our craft over the years and have developed methodologies that provide thorough and exhaustive results. Moreover, we take the extra step of analyzing detected vulnerabilities, determining the root cause, and providing expert guidance on how to remedy the problem at the source rather than just treating the symptoms. Our tactical services include:


  • Vulnerability Assessments

    • Internal

    • External

    • Infrastructure

    • Host

    • Application

  • Penetration Testing

    • Internal

    • External

    • Infrastructure

    • Host

    • Application

  • Social Engineering

    • Phishing

    • Vishing

    • Physical


  • Firewall Ruleset Review

  • Infrastructure Architecture Evaluation

    • Defense in depth

    • Segmentation

    • Perimeter Controls

  • Security Defensive measure tools evaluation

    • Malware

    • IDS/IPS

    • VPN

    • Patching Efficacy

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